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As a wetsuit retailer, we want to support and spotlight when brands are putting in the work to improve their practices and product ranges. Instead of jumping on trends, they are advocating for sustained positive change across their full lineup. Taking the time to do it right. 

Enter C-Skins, a stalwart UK-based surf brand now leaning towards the natural rubber way. Now this isn’t a sudden change of mindset to align with current marketing trends, or a ‘quick fix’ to keep the eco-conscious quiet - It’s been years in the making and it shows. 



For Spring 2024, C-Skins are introducing a full range of natural rubber wetsuits, with ‘greener’ versions of some of their most loved ranges - The Session, Solace, and Surflite to name a few. 

“When it came to natural rubber, one of the primary focuses was that for it to have the greatest positive impact, it needed to be across as much of our range of wetsuits as possible.”

Instead of releasing a newly designed natural rubber wetsuit, C-Skins have taken a slightly different approach. By offering a natural rubber version of their popular styles, rather than designing entirely new wetsuits, they (and us) have complete confidence in the cut, fit and features all working to a high standard. This encourages a seamless switch, with customers knowing that their new wetsuit will fit and function just like their last C-Skins wetsuit. Simple.

To introduce the range, we’ve cherry-picked a few quotes from the C-Skins design team, as well as some thoughts from their stacked UK surf roster and friends of WSO. 

Let’s hand it over. 

The Natural facts

NuWave wetsuits are made from a blend of 85% natural rubber and 15% chlorine-free synthetic rubber (as a percentage of total foam rubber content) to optimise the natural rubber foam's longevity, durability and stretch.  

At 85% natural rubber composition, it has been estimated that the carbon footprint of the wetsuit is reduced by up to 80% compared to a neoprene wetsuit. Most natural rubber, around 88%, is grown in South and Southeast Asia (mostly on small-holdings), close to our production partner’s manufacturing facilities, so raw material transportation is reduced compared to limestone neoprene originating from Japan. 

The full C-Skins NuWave range can be found within our Greener Choice initiative. This is a set of curated pages of products that have a lessened environmental impact - broken down into four primary sustain categories. To find out more, then head over to our blog - HERE.

If you’re looking to learn more about the NuWave range in particular, then head to the C-Skins site. Or read our previous article Is Natural Rubber as good as Neoprene? for a deeper dive into what makes up a natural/plant-based rubber wetsuit, why they have a lighter carbon footprint than their neoprene (and limestone) siblings, and where best to buy one.


What’s next for NuWave?

Well, after the summer comes winter, and we have already sampled natural rubber winter wetsuits for the Autumn/Winter line to follow the initial Spring/Summer launch range. And it won’t stop there.

“We are continually driving improvements in our products, and there will be some rapid developments in our materials over the next few years” - C-Skins Head of Design, Jon. 

If surfers are being encouraged to choose natural rubber wetsuits over neoprene ones, then every item of kit that surfers need in order to enjoy the ocean year-round should be up for consideration, not just the headline products. 

We are committed to serving surfers, so if products made from natural, recycled or lower impact materials pass our tests and we can guarantee performance then they’ll introduce them.


The team’s stamp of approval

Logan Nicols | Wales, UK
The new look is really impressive, but the main thing that was really exciting for me was that I ended up asking myself “what’s the difference?”. 

The suit felt just as high quality, stretchy and soft as all of the previous C-Skins wetsuits that I’ve owned. I’d tried not to have any preconceptions but I guess I was a bit surprised that I couldn’t even tell the difference.


Beth Leighfield | Cornwall, UK
For me, surfing in natural rubber wetsuits is something that I’ve been looking to do for the past year or so. I was really excited when C-Skins announced that they’re bringing out a full natural rubber range. I think that, ethically and environmentally, natural rubber is the way forward now that the technology has gotten to the level where it is very competitive in terms of performance, functionality and durability compared to neoprene.

Because C-Skins are bringing out a full range of natural rubber wetsuits it means that it’s accessible to everyone, so if you’re on holiday and will only use your wetsuit for a few weeks, or if you're on a budget, then you can still make a choice that considers the environment.


Maryam El Gardoum | Taghazout, Morocco
5 x Moroccan Surf Champ, Maryam El Gardoum, treated us to a cross-stepping masterclass on home turf in the NuWave Womens 3:2 Element Wetsuit - HERE

Find out more about Maryams wear test - HERE.

Calling all natural rubber wetsuit testers!

We are on the hunt for some wetsuit testers to put the C-Skins NuWave range through its paces in (and a fair few waves). Now, we trust these suits to perform to a very high standard. That’s a given. But we want to see them given the stamp of approval from our community.

What's in it for You?

You’ll receive a NuWave wetsuit, picked by one of our team to ensure that it’s the right fit (and feel) for you. Plus a small bundle of C-Skins gear to support your mission.

What’s in it for Us?

It's simple – we want to witness you having fun and putting a NuWave wetsuit to the test in a mix of conditions. Be that through reels, grid posts, or story highlights. It’s all welcome!

New to natural rubber?
This is the perfect opportunity to try it out and get a feel for the good stuff.

Apply via our Instagram (goes live at midday 22nd March) - HERE


Shop the full C-Skins NuWave range - HERE.
Explore all C-Skins products - HERE.
Shop the full Greener Choice range - HERE.

Updated on 22nd March 2024

Originally published on 15th March 2024 in Sustainability

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