Rip Curl Aggrolite Wetsuits

Rip Curl The Rip Curl Aggrolite series is bursting with high quality options for summer surfing and water sports, such as shorty wetsuits, rash vests and neoprene jackets, as well as thicker full suits for the colder months. Whatever level of warmth, protection and flexibility you need, thereís an option for you, from the Rip Curl Aggrolite 2mm Long Sleeve Shorty to the Aggrolite 1.5mm Long John if you prefer to have your arms free, or the full-length Rip Curl Aggrolite 5/3 wetsuit. The series features some of Rip Curlís most premium features, such as the super lightweight and super stretchy E5 neoprene, so you can get performance and durability for an affordable price.

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