Inflatable Paddle Boards

We have a wide range of inflatable stand-up paddle boards for sale, suitable for families and beginners, as well as those who want a highly portable paddle board for racing or SUP surfing. An inflatable SUP board is one of the easiest ways to get afloat, perfect for those short of space or looking for a portable way of getting afloat with ease. There’s no need for roof racks, no heavy lifting and it won’t take up a lot of space at home either, as the board, pump and paddle all pack neatly into one bag. It’s also a really versatile sport, being easily adaptable for different ages and abilities, and with plenty of opportunities to push yourself and try new skills if you’re a little more adventurous. If you’re looking to buy your first paddle board, we’d recommend one of our all-rounder inflatable SUP boards, as they’re more stable and are the easiest to find your feet on. For more advice on how to buy an inflatable SUP, call our expert customer care team.

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Which SUP Is Perfect For You?Which SUP Is Perfect For You?

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Choosing the right size SUP boardChoosing the right size SUP board

Which Size Is Right For You?

We only stock the best inflatable paddle boards from the leading brands, including Red Paddle, Jobe, Fanatic, Naish, STX and Gul. Across these brands we offer options for different types of stand up paddle boarding. Race paddle boards are longer and thinner, making them more streamlined in the water. Touring boards are the middle ground between race boards and all-rounders – they’re still quite streamlined for long distance paddles, but they’re also more stable than a narrow race SUP. For thrill seekers, we also stock wave SUPs for paddle surfing and windSUPs, which can be used as just a paddle board, or can fit a windsurfing sail and be used as a windsurfer in light winds. The great thing about our paddle board range is that so many of them are available as complete SUP packages, including a paddle, pump and leash, which means with one easy delivery you’ll have everything you need to get on the water!

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